Book Binding Tape

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Binding files or documents into a book. Reinforcing books, notebooks, magazines, and files.

A special resin treatment makes it water and oil-proof, gives it excellent durability against abrasion. A center cutting line in the middle of release liner makes tape easier for user to do the binding job.


» Useful as a protective tape for bead blasting and general protection from abrasion.
» Leaves little to no residue when removed.
» Reduces light reflection.
» Uses include holding, repairing, waterproofing, securing, and protecting.
» UV-resistant for outdoor jobs.


Product Name Book Binding Tape
Item NO BB-01
Backing Embossed Paper
Adhesive Hot Melt
Adhesion To Steel (N/In) >15.0
Tensile Strength (N/In) >250
Elongation (%) >6
Total Thickness (mm) >0.210

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