Aluminum Film Pearl Cotton Tape

• Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, heat preservation, and heat insulation.
• Suitable for building ice bags, handbags, bags, sun shades, car cushions, etc.

Breathable Non-woven Fabric Tape

Air permeable non woven backing material, without release liner. Rain and wind resistant; permeable to water vapor. Further reduce moisture intrusion. Prevent moisture condensation.

Butyl Adhesive Tape

Strong adhesion to various material surfaces; excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance. For sunroom seal, window seal, roof crack and roof ridge seal color steel seal, pipe seal, etc.

Cloth Tape Without Core

No core. Strong adhesion. High tensile strength. Easy to carry with, widely used when you are working outside.

Compostable Tape

PLA film is made by the natural plant and it is biodegradable and compostable.
No pollution and no bad impact on the environment.

Diecut Cloth Tape

It is widely used for packaging and binding. Special for sewing, splicing and thermal insulation materials.

Double Sided PVC Tape

The thin and flexible PVC base material strengthens the connection ability of the tape to the curved surface and rough surface. Its excellent temperature resistance, moisture resistance and UV resistance make it widely used in the traditional die-cutting industry.

Flocking Adhesive Tape

Beautiful decorative tape for:
1. crafting, gift box wrapping, scrapbooking
2. home and office decoration, creative design
3. DIY hand-made art working or cute stationery use

Foam Wrap Roll

ECO-friendly protective foam wrap roll, impermeable to moisture, vibration, noise, strong thermal insulation and anti-collision, shock proof.

Nano Magic Tape

Paste photos or posters, fix carpet mats, organize and accept articles, anti-skid furniture, etc.
The tape can be attached to the wall, the mobile phone or the flat panel, it can be attached to any surface. Seamless sticking, strong sticking force, double-sided removable, repetitive sticking, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.