Aluminum Film Pearl Cotton Tape

• Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, heat preservation, and heat insulation.
• Suitable for building ice bags, handbags, bags, sun shades, car cushions, etc.

Copper Foil Tape

Made of thin pure copper so it’s extremely flexible and can take on nearly any shape. It can carry current just like a wire. Generally used for EMI shielding, working with EL, making capacitive touch pads, ultra-thin wiring needs, etc.

Corner Masking Tape

Ideal for holding and jointing of light-weight items, good for lamination, applicable to decoration.

Corner Sealing Tape

Seal gaps between bathtub and walls. It’s flexible and conformable.
It can easily be installed around bathtub and walls.

Easy Cleaning Tape

Handy & Easy to use. Convenient and practical tool to clean dust from clothes, car seats, desktops, etc.

This tape can easily & quickly remove much dust such as broken fiber, fine hair, scraps of paper, etc. on clothes, bed sheets, sofa, or carpet.

Flocking Adhesive Tape

Beautiful decorative tape for:
1. crafting, gift box wrapping, scrapbooking
2. home and office decoration, creative design
3. DIY hand-made art working or cute stationery use

Grafting Belt

• When exposed to sunlight for 5 / 6 months, it will decompose itself.
• Used for grafting plant.

Hook & Loop Fastening Tape

High performance hook and loop backing. Strong adhesion and no adhesive residue.

This tape possesses very high tensile strength with hook and loop form. It is an initial & handy tool to substitute buckles or zippers in shoe & cloth industry. Good for office, school, and home applications.

MOPP Strapping Tape

Good for bundling and tying various plastic bags using in bag neck sealer.

Nano Magic Tape

Paste photos or posters, fix carpet mats, organize and accept articles, anti-skid furniture, etc.
The tape can be attached to the wall, the mobile phone or the flat panel, it can be attached to any surface. Seamless sticking, strong sticking force, double-sided removable, repetitive sticking, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Pastilles Adhesive Tape

Removable adhesive pegging small items. No glue residue or damage on most surface mainly for photos’ fix up.