Luminescent Tape

Primarily used in fire fighting, marine safety signs, general marking signs, and general guiding signs. Generally, after absorbing light for 15 minutes, it can give off light for 10 hour.

PE Warning Tape

Bold duo-tone color strip or bold eye-catching customized printing, highly visible, widely used as accident / hazard warning purpose.

This tape is made of PE film without adhesive coating,good flexibility. Widely used for projects that need to be highly visible, deliver the ultimate tape for general identification marking & overall visibility.

PVC Lane Marking Tape

Bold duo-tone color strip. Highly eye-catching. Widely used as hazard warning and marking purpose.

This tape is widely used as lane marking, section segregating, color-coding, hazard warning labeling. Sealing and identifying. It is the initial marking material for ground. Electrical post building, vehicles, ramp post, etc.