Butyl Adhesive Tape

Strong adhesion to various material surfaces; excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance. For sunroom seal, window seal, roof crack and roof ridge seal color steel seal, pipe seal, etc.

Carpet Protection Tape

Protects carpets from job site dirt and grime. Keep carpet clean while working and protect from damage while moving.

Decoration Window Film

Modern art look glass doors and windows make a colorful statement. Different seasons have different decorations. Installation is simple and it’s very easy to work with.

Felt Tape

Ultra heavy-duty. Self-stick. Strong adhesion. Excellent non-slip properties. Prevent scratching and noise. Good for chair legs, table legs, stools, etc.

Foam Wrap Roll

ECO-friendly protective foam wrap roll, impermeable to moisture, vibration, noise, strong thermal insulation and anti-collision, shock proof.

OPP Lens Tape

Good for fancy gift packing and decoration. Excellent protection against damages and scratches from transportation.

PE Protection Tape

Excellent protection against damages and scratches from transportation. It’s removable and has a wide range of application.

PVC Protection Tape

For aluminum material, door and window’s protection during transportation.