Cloth Tape


Strong adhesion. High tensile strength. Widely used for heavy-duty packaging, carpet jointing, and book mounting protection.

Thanks to the nature of cloth backing, this tape is thick, strong, comfortable, and easy-tear. Because of these advantages, it is widely used for heavy packing, protection, and bundling.


» Heavy-duty packaging.
» Protecting surface of machines from rust, humidity, and scratch.
» Carpet jointing and affixing.
» Wire and telephone wire protection.
» For industrial bundling, affixing, jointing, sealing, and protecting.
» Other protection and temporary affixing.
» Book revamped.
» File classified.
» Handle anti-slip.
Product Name Cloth Tape
Item NO OC
Backing Cloth[27mesh-90mesh]
Adhesive Hot Melt
Adhesion To Steel (N/In) >12
Tensile Strength (N/In) 78~140
Elongation (%) ≥20
Total Thickness (mm) 0.170±10%~0.220±10%

Packaging Way: