Recycled PET Double Sided Tape

Sustainable double-sided stick tapes to enable a circular economy. Adhere posters, photos, public notes, envelops. Fixing of ornament, hook or sign board. For laminating nameplate. Shoe & leather industry. For computerized embroidery.


» Engineered for reliable bonding, the double-sided tape comes in handy for home use, professional projects, school presentations, and more. Simply pull a strip from the dispenser, place on the desired material, place a second item on top of the tape, and press together for a clean inconspicuous connection with no tape showing.
Product Name Recycled PE Cloth Tape
Item NO ROCH35
Backing Recycled PE Film+Cloth[35mesh]
Adhesive Hot Melt
Colors Silver
Adhesion To Steel (N/In) ≥14
Tensile Strength (N/In) ≥83
Elongation (%) ≥25
Total Thickness (mm) 0.175±10%

Packaging Way: