K.L&LING show room, with approx. 200 square meters, is well decorated with green wall and display shelf of natural wood, also equipped with air conditioners, projectors, conference tables and flowers. The show room is broad and bright, displaying thousands of adhesive tapes, including new products, BOPP tape, masking tape, cloth tape, stationery tape, PVC electrical tape, etc.  The well-known brands like HENKEL, STAPLES, AMAZON, KINGFISHER, HALLMARK, S.P.RICHARDS, AMTECH, PRINTEC, CAINZ, etc., which those we cooperate with them for ages.

New product:

Every year, we will develop some new products. During the last two years, we developed hot-sale compostable tape. This tape is made of 100% biodegradable film combined with environmental-friendly emulsion adhesive. More than 90% of the material will be converted to CO2 and water after 6 months. It is completely non-toxic, no plasticizer and metal free so that reduces the carbon pollution.


“HENKEL” brand area:

The biggest area is for HENKEL brand (European area). A series of tapes with different packaging are placed at the cylinder. There are OPP tapes, masking tapes, cloth tapes, PVC tapes, Double sided tapes, etc. mainly for school and office uses.

“STAPLE” brand area:

K.L&LING is one of biggest supplier of STAPLES, which has been get awarded “Best Quality Supplier” from STAPLES since 2015.

“ AMAZON” brand area:

We have offered heavy duty tape, PVC electrical tape, warning tape, etc for AMAZON .


K.L&LING has been doing business with kingfisher more than 10 years. We supply lots of tapes including OPP tapes, cloth tape, PVC tapes, stationery tape, etc. these tapes have different sizes and packages. For example, one or two pieces pack with labels for shrinking, six pieces pack for shrinking, tape with dispenser pack for shrinking. Two pieces tapes with paper card for blister pack, etc. Any packaging can be provided for you.

“MILAN” brand area:

It is one of biggest market in south America. Mainly tapes are also stationery tapes for different packaging.


We have cooperated with the two customers for many years. OPP tape, printed masking tape, double sided tape, warning tape, carpet protection tape, felt tape, WARIFU tape, PE Tarpaulin tape and other tapes are also supplied.

“KLL” brand area:

In addition, we have our company brand products “KLL”. These products can be produced by acrylic emulsion adhesive system or hot melt adhesive system. We can offer any tapes for different sizes and colors for you.