PTFE Thread Sealing Tape / TEFLON Tape

Acid and alkali resistant, excellent insulation of high and low temperature. Widely used in sealing and locking the threads of water, air, and oil conduit.

This product is an ideal sealing material, widely used in the fields such as building, machinery, chemical industry, etc.


» Sealing & locking thread.
» Used in pressurizing the screws of oil-water and air conduits.
» Acid & alkali resistant.
» Insulation of temperature.
» Soft, flexible.
Product Name PTFE Thread Sealing Tape / TEFLON Tape
Item NO ST
Backing TEFLON
Adhesive N/A
Colors White,Yellow
Adhesion To Steel (N/In) N/A
Tensile Strength (N/In) N/A
Elongation (%) N/A
Total Thickness (mm) Alternative