Stretch Wrap Film

Excellent puncture and tear resistance. Good shrink-to-original size for an extremely tight. (PT01: For hand application. / PT02: For machine application)


» Protecting goods from moisture, rust, and dirt.
» Using stretch hand film will increase wrapping efficiency, increase load protection, and reduce materials cost. Because this stretch wrap is pre-stretched,
it will have less neckdown and will decrease the amount of times the stretch film must be wrapped around the pallet.
Product Name Stretch Wrap Film Stretch Wrap Film
Item NO PT01 PT02
Adhesive Cling Cling
Colors Clear
Adhesion To Steel (N/In) N/A N/A
Tensile Strength (N/In) N/A N/A
Elongation (%) 300
Total Thickness (mm) 0.015~0.025